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    Humor : I can't be bothered to post any humor. SO SHUT UP!
    Rank: Diplodocus
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    Humor : Eating pepper......I'm a dragon!..........*SIX HOURS LATER*......................I'm a rocket!
    Rank: Administrator
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    Humor : Chuck Norris sucks. Bruce Lee made him cry :trollface:
    Rank: Spinosaurus
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    Humor : i went looking for our beging what i found could be our end
    Rank: Diplodocus
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    Humor : My gecko has a mini plastic sword...I am responsible for world destruction >:3
    Rank: Spinosaurus
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    Humor : Why Do Dinosaurs Keep Their Tails In The Air? Because Stepping On Them Would Be A Real Pain In The Ass.....
    Rank: Ankylosaurus
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    Humor : *snip* there goes a leg. *snip* there goes an arm. *snip* there goes the head.
    Rank: Spinosaurus
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